Some will argue this is another coincidence. But how come they even replicated the stripess?

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
December 9, 2023

The Naga-Maya Civilized the Egyptians

The Naga-Maya civilized the Egyptians is a necessary post to prove to Pan-Africans that it is not all about Africa. Hopefully, this post will help Pan-Africans to realize that the people that they love and worship as Egyptians learnt their science, tech, and way of life from the Naga-Maya of the Americas.Some will argue this is another coincidence. But how come they even replicated the stripes?

In this post are some similarities between the Naga-Maya (Mayans) and the Egyptians. Who is older and who civilized who? Did the Naga-Maya civilize the Egyptians or was it the other way around? From the looks of it the Naga-Maya artwork looks more primitive (original), which suggests that it predates the ancient Egyptian art and civilization (see post images).

Some will argue this is another coincidence. But how come they even replicated the stripes?

The ancient Egyptian language is derived from the Alphabet of the Naga-Maya (see post image of the comparison of alphabets between Mu, Mayas, and Egyptian). The Alphabet of Mu/ Atlantis, the Mayas, and the Egyptians is almost identical to each other (see post image), which suggests that the ancient Egyptians and the Naga-Maya were the same Phoenician people.  This post image is from the book, “Lost Continent of Mu,” which is based on the Niven Tablets found in the Valley of Mexico, which is estimated to be over 50,000 years old. The work of William Niven was dismissed by mainstream academia because his find does not fit in with the current narrative of the Americas being the New World, because his find is dated over 50,000 years old. How can Niven’s find be a Hoax? Would a respected mineralogist and archaeologist really create 2,600+ fake tablets and other discoveries? To what end? It seems he would have more to lose than to gain.Some will argue this is another coincidence. But how come they even replicated the stripes?In any event, the controversy rages on to this day. I am curious to know where the ruins he discovered are and what explanation archaeology offers to explain them, because how can 2,600 artifacts be a hoax? The Niven Tablets are worth re-examining. Many people dismissed them only because they were featured in the poorly written and racist book entitled, “Lost Continent of Mu”, but that’s not Nivens fault. The Naga-Maya were the Nagas/ niggas and they civilized India (Hindoostan), Babylon, Egypt, and the world (see “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon). The name Maya is a global Geographical name that is attached to many countries, cities, and/ or towns: The above link proves that the Naga-Maya were a global people that civilized the world since they left their Maya name everywhere. One of my favorite Naga-Maya names is Maat (Maya), the ancient Egyptian Goddess of truth and balance (justice). Maat holds the scales of Maat, which became the scales of the blind-folded Lady Justice. Maat is the origin of the word Math and Maat was the husband of the Atlantean Priest-King Thoth, aka, Tehuti who was from Teotihuacan, Mexico, near the Yucatan: The Yucatan Peninsula was Naga-Maya territory, so the location of Thoth’s capitol city of Atlantis in the Maya territory suggests that Thoth was the Priest-King of the Naga-Maya, who were also fellow Atlanteans/ Egyptians. Yes…, Thoth was Mayan since he was their priest-king. This is factual, once we consider the name of Thoth’s wife, Maat, which is etymologically (similar spelling) and phonetically (similar pronunciation) the same word as Maya.

Dr. Eugene Adams in his documentary entitled, “Africans in Asia,” he shows you a 2000-year-old map of Africa (Ethiopia) being designated as Hither India (see post image). My apologies for the blurry screenshot, but I know how they remove and hide videos, so this map will suffice since you can see Hither India next to Ethiopia. You can watch Dr. Eugene Adams’ documentary for free on YouTube. I agree with the said map (see post image) because Africa used to be a part of Asia before it was separated by the authorities to distort our true history.

The post image of the screenshot (map of Hither India) demonstrates that Africa (Ethiopia) and Asia where once connected because India and Ethiopia where once part of a great empire called Asia, aka, the three Indies, or the three Ethiopia’s (the world), and the terms “India and Ethiopia” were often confused. “Ethiopia and India were often confused,” [one and the same] according to the book “The Medieval Empire of the Israelites,” by Robert Grishin. This makes sense when you factor into account that the Swastika [symbol of Brahma/ Abraham] was the chief religious’ symbol in Ancient Ethiopia and in India. Also, the terms “India/ Indios (Black or dark) and Ethiopia” both refer to land inhabited by Black or dark-skinned people.

Some will argue this is another coincidence. But how come they even replicated the stripes?

According to Dr. Eugene Adams, Africans established Asia. I agree with him to a certain extant because he was taught that all Black or dark-skinned people come from Africa, however, these dark-skinned people that civilized and established Asia were not Africans since they were the Naga-Maya, aka, the Mayans, from the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America. The Yucatan Peninsula is the Birthplace of human civilization, and the Naga-Maya civilized the Egyptians (see the book, America is the True Old World, Volume I and II, By Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, which is part of this book series).

Some will argue this is another coincidence. But how come they even replicated the stripes?

I love Dr. Eugene Adams, but he was a product of reconstructed history, and he is a pan-African because of the distorted historical programming that he received in school. The Nagas were Mayans; therefore, they are recorded in history as the Naga-Maya. The Naga-Maya civilized the world and built the Khmer (Khem/ Shem/ Ham) empire in Cambodia (Asia), aka, the city of the God-kings, according to the book, “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon.

The interesting thing about the African in Asia video is that the Khmer people (the Nagas) built a city with 50 towers (50 States) that shows the history of the so-called African American going through bondage. The kicker is that the Mayan civilization in Yucatan (Guatemala) is similar to the architecture in Cambodia and the landmasses are almost identical in size and shape. You can draw a straight line from the Yucatan to Cambodia (see post image).

North America is composed of 50 states (50 towers), which suggests that the prophecy of the Nagas from Cambodia was referring to the Nagas’ future descendants in North America that went through bondage, aka, prisoners of war enslaved on their own lands. Now, we know why the Nagas/ Niggas (Blacks) of North America proudly refer to themselves as Niggas, since the word Nigga is a corruption of the divine title of “Naga,” which means serpent or dragon. The serpent or the dragon is symbol of wisdom and everlasting life/ light through free energy (spiral or vortex tech=Swastika) that is found all over the world, so when you are referring to Niggas/ Nagas you are referring to a global people since their symbol is found all over the world.

The Naga-Maya were the Atlanteans that became the Phoenicians and the Egyptians:

The Naga-Maya was able to leave the name Maya all around the world because as Phoenicians (Canaanites) they were mighty Mariners/ Maur-iners (sea people). My previous post, “Imperial Rome and Italy Superior, demonstrates that the Naga-Maya from the Yucatan were the Phoenicians that established La floridas. This post also proves that the original Africa was in South America, which makes La Florida an extension of North Africa: I know you are thinking that how could the Naga-Maya be the Phoenicians when the Phoenicians were from the land of Caanan in the middle east? Well, I have previously demonstrated that the land of Caanan was originally in the Americas: In addition, I previously demonstrated that the Phoenicians are from the Americas. The Phoenicians had a colony in the Yucatan peninsula called Cartago/ Carthage: This is the link to the Kansas City Journal Article, Monday, October 12, 1886:…/29478966/kansas_city_journal/. This article proves that the oldest civilization was in Yucatan and Central America, and that Egypt was first people from the Naga-Maya (Mayans) from the Yucatan. This article gives 6 facts to support it. Further evidence to support the said article can be found in the book “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon. The Naga-Maya where the ancestors of the Egyptians. “Like the Mayas, the Egyptians regarded the West as the region of Darkness, the place where the souls of the dead return to the bosom of their ancestors in the realm of Amenti. There King Osiris sat on a throne in the midst of the waters; there, also, it was that Thoth performed his office of scribe was, then, the worship of the Cynocephalus, his totem, brought to Egypt from the Lands of the West.” “Pythagoras borrowed his knowledge of numbers and their meanings from the Egyptians. Theses received their science from the Mayas, those Civilized strangers, their ancestors, who in remote ages, coming from the East and from the West, had settled and brought Civilization to the banks of the Nile. Such being the case, it is but natural that we should find the same doctrine regarding Cosmogony and the meaning of numbers in Mayach, their Mother Country in the ‘Lands of the West.’” (See “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon). “The Maya sages doubtless had reached similar conclusions, since they called their country Mayach; that is the land that first emerged from the bosom of the Deep, the country of the Shoot; and the Egyptians, according to Herodotus, boasted that their ancestors in the land of the West were the oldest men on Earth.” (See “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon). Evidence to support the above statement coming from the Queen Moo book, “Mayach – that is the land that first emerged from the bosom of the Deep,” can be found in Jean Louis Agassiz’s book “Geological Sketches (1866),” Chapter 1 – “America is the Old World.” According to Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, a renowned biologist and geologist from Harvard, America is the Old World, and he states as follows: “First born among continents, America has been falsely denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the Waters, hers was the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth besides; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America (Atlantis) already stretched in an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the far West.” [End quote]. Evidence to support the fact that the Naga-Maya are the ancestors of the Egyptians can be found in the Tomb of the Maya/Temple of the Maya in Egypt, because there is a Maya on the wall that is dressed in Kemetian/ Egyptian garb. Author and Tour Guide, Brien Forester and Stephen Mehler, walk us through the Temple of Maya to show us the evidence. Here is the video evidence, so you can see for yourself and be your own judge: The above video proves contact between the Naga-Maya and the ancient Egyptians, but I will take it a step farther by giving you Dr. Ivan Van Sertima’s book, “They Came Before Columbus.” In Dr. Sertima’s said book he demonstrates contact between ancient Egypt and the American Indians (Naga -Maya) with evidence of all the agricultural trade for items like Tobacco, Cocaine, Maize/ Corn, Pineapples, etc. All of which I just listed are only Native to the Americas, so there was contact between the Naga-Maya and the ancient Egyptians. Lastly, we have a book written by an African scholar Katanga A. Bongo, “Civilizations and the Ancient Egyptians.” Here is a quote from the said book: “The South American Indians [Naga-Maya] had introduced civilization to Africa, thereby making Africa the Second continent in the world to be civilized. Spurred on by their South American Indian guests, the Africans built great empires that lasted for several thousand years at a time. Contrary to popular myth in the Western World, the advent of Europeans destroyed civilization in Africa, rather than made it.” [End quote]. Please read more about the said book, here:

The Naga-Maya were Maurs:

In this post are images of the Naga-Maya wearing turbans and fezzes, which is a Moorish tradition and custom. There is also an image of the Maya holding a solid red flag. The red flag is a symbol of the Maurs and Israel. The Creeks (Greeks) and Seminoles (Maroons) were Maurs that fought under a solid cherry red flag. The Flags of the Creek and Seminole Nation were Islamic since they both feature a crescent Moon and star on it. Mexico was Southern Arabia and Mexico means in the center of the Moon

The original Kaaba was the Kabah in the Yucatan:

Previously, I demonstrated that the holy city of Mecca and the Kaaba was in North America (see Greater Morocco was in the Americas), however, it does not surprise me that the Maurs also had a Holy city in Mexico, since Mexico was Southern Arabia:

Guatemala was the Mecca of the Maurs of Mexico. I say this because Guatemala is in the Yucatan and Guatemala has over 1000 pyramids found their recently, which suggests that Guatemala was a central hub or a very important place once. In addition, we have the Kabah (Kaaba), which is a Naga-Maya site, in the Yucatan that looks much older than anything in present-day Mecca in Saudi Arabia (see post image of the Kabah). Kabah (also spelled KabaahKabáhKahbah and Kaba) is a Maya archaeological site in the Puuc region of western Yucatan, south of Mérida.

Islam and all religions come from the Orient (the East), but what if the Americas was the Orient? I found the original compass that shows that the West was the East before the directions were flipped around to deceive the world.