The 150,000-year-old pipeline in China gives scientists a headache

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
November 16, 2023

On Bai Gong Mountain in China, there is a strange structure that some believe is an ancient space base. The most mysterious thing is that 8% of the material in the pipes cannot be identified and they are believed to be up to 150,000 years old…

Could it be that in the distant past, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years ago, an advanced technology existed somewhere in the solar system or on our own Earth?

The 150,000-year-old pipeline in China gives scientists a headache

The research team discovered strange pipes from the caves running obliquely deep into the ground… (Photo:

The idea that modern humans are not the first, or the only, species living in the solar system has existed for a long time. In the 2nd century, the Assyrian satirist Lucian of Samosata wrote about intelligent non-human beings on the Moon in his work True History. Or Voltaire, the great French writer, wrote about intelligent humans on Saturn in his book Micromegas (1752).

A discovery related to these was made in China in the vicinity of Bai Gong Mountain, in Qinghai Province, an almost completely uninhabitable area.

There, researchers discovered a mysterious pyramid, containing three caves with numerous pipes leading to a nearby saltwater lake. There are other pipes located at the bottom and on the shore of the lake. These iron pipes come in many different sizes.

Local people in the Xinjiang region said their ancestors once talked about huge spaceships flying in the sky and using these pyramids as a landing place, for fuel supply and supply points.

This unusual pyramid is about 61 m high, scattered around with pipes and strange artifacts. These strange pipes are said to have been discovered by a group of US scientists while searching for dinosaur fossils.

The age of the pipes was determined by the Beijing Institute of Geology using the thermofluorescence method. The strangest thing is that their age is estimated to be about 150,000 years.

And if they were created by humans, then human history as we know it needs to be reevaluated.

According to the tests, 8% of the material in the pipes could not be identified. Other components of the ducts include: iron oxide, silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Silicon dioxide and calcium oxide are products obtained after a long-term interaction between iron and surrounding sandstone. It gives researchers another factor to measure the age of the ducts.

Adding to the mystery, Zheng Jiandong, a geologist from the China Earthquake Administration told People’s Daily in 2007 that some pipelines were found to have high levels of radiation. .

So what are these strange pipes? For what purpose are they used? Are these man-made structures or the result of nature? If they are man-made, who built them 150,000 years ago?

The 150,000-year-old pipeline in China gives scientists a headache

It is estimated that the age of the pipes here is about 150,000 years old (Photo:

Archaeologists and scholars have tried to explain these structures as a natural phenomenon, but Yang Ji, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the pyramid and the pipes Its strangeness may have been built by intelligent creatures.

Although the purpose of the pipes is classified by the government as “unknown”, some Chinese scientists lean towards the idea that the structure is actually the remnants of a high-altitude space base. some level.

This pyramid complex stretches much farther than meets the eye, and is evidence of a network of high-tech heavy-duty pipes used to supply water and possibly fuel.