The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To Reptilians

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 31, 2023

Since the beginning of human civilization, the existence of reptilian Gods descending from heaven, with enormous wisdom and power has always been a topic of discussion.
However, the real question is- Did ancient culture actually have a reptilian connection?

The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To Reptilians

The ancient culture has always been connected to the reptilian gods
These Reptilian Gods are an essential part of various traditions and mythologies spread all around the world.
Interestingly, it has also been suggested by a few researchers that our brain consists of a “reptilian part”, which is responsible for instinctual and fine-tuned behavior.
The same part is held responsible for generating a feeling of territoriality, food, and even mating.
The mythology speaks of Reptilian Gods that are responsible for the creation of mankind.

Reptilian Gods Mentioned In Earliest Literary Works

The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To Reptilians

The first records that relate reptiles to humanity appeared in Ancient Mesopotamia.
The Ubaid and Halaf cultures sculpted human-reptile hybrid figurines about 7,000 years ago, which were linked to wisdom and fertility.

The Sumerian civilization talks about various deities that had a reptilian resemblance.
Anunnaki, beings from heaven are believed to be responsible for the creation of man.
It is believed by many that approximately 445,000 years ago, these ancient beings from another planet in the cosmos landed on Earth and created mankind.

Taking a look at the earliest literary works of Hindu Mythology, the four Vedas, we find Nagas- the snake people.
These divine beings were a human-reptilian hybrid, who lived in underground cities and had the ability to take both human and snake forms.

The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To ReptiliansLord Vishnu

The longest Hindu epic Mahabharata mentions Patala-Loka and Bhogavati, two subterranean kingdoms where the Nagas lived.
These kingdoms were full of elaborate palaces where the greatest treasures of humanity were kept.
It is believed that these places held great power and only the pious one had the access to these divine kingdoms.
The Nagas presented themselves as both, friend and a foe.
Like humans, they were known as highly temperamental creatures that caused illness and misfortune if their tails were over-stepped by anybody.
Although on other occasions they were helpful to the humans.

Different Ancient Cultures that Worship Reptilian Alien Race

Interestingly, evidence of reptilian worship is not only found in Ancient Mesopotamia but many other ancient cultures around the world.
Going through our history, several tales associated with the strange reptilian alien race, which were worshiped by our ancestors have been found.

The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To Reptilians

The folklores in Japan, for example, mentions that in ancient times there were Dragon Emperors who descended from the sky to impart their great wisdom.
In Oceania, aboriginal cultures claim descent from a hybrid race rule the world from within the Earth.
It is believed by the Chinese that mankind is created by Nakua , the serpent goddess.
South Africa also talks about Chitauri, reptilian beings who came to Earth in search of gold, creating humanity to enslave and exploit it.
That is why they are called “children of the serpent.”

In South America, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan are some of the gods, which are well, reptilian beings worshiped as Gods.
Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl, whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means “feathered serpent” is worshipped and it is first known documented in Teotihuacan in the first century BCE or first century CE.

A feathered serpent deity has been worshiped by many different ethnopolitical groups in Mesoamerican history.

The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To Reptilians

Likewise, Coatlicue was revered by the Aztecs as the mother of the Gods, the goddess of life and death on Earth.
She also represented rebirth (reincarnation) and, together with Quetzalcoatl, they symbolized serpents as a connection with wisdom and the cosmos.

The Ancient Reptilian Gods: The Alien Connection To Reptilians

The Hopi Indians , Native Americans believed in the “brothers from heaven” who came to procreate with terrestrial women.

Different ancient cultures describes their reptilian connection differently. Again the question is, can we deny their existence?