The first person to ride a bicycle in Bali, Indonesia

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
November 19, 2023

Ancient India: By knowing the past we can project into the future. What are your thoughts on this one?

In a temple built 2000 years ago,in Tamil Nadu we see a cyclist engraved on the walls. It’s said there is no perfection,hence there is room for improvement. But a cycle beats that. Some things never change, not supposed to, perfection does exist

Did you know that the first person to ride a bicycle in Bali was Dutch artist W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp? Around 1900 he traveled around the island of Bali by bicycle as he went painting landscapes and portraits. Nieuwenkamp, nicknamed ‘the Wanderer’ is depicted on a relief carving at the temple Pura Meduwe Karang near Singaraja.