The heartbreaking struggle of the poor dog and his sister collapsed and was so hungry and thirsty that he didn’t know who to turn to for help

Tony Nguyen | Animals
September 6, 2023

When we learned about a dog in distress near a pet-market, we knew we had to act fast. Despite heavy traffic, we rushed to the scene, determined to provide whatever help we could.

Upon arrival, we found the dog lying lifeless on the ground, surrounded by onlookers who were doing nothing to help. Desperate to save him, we attempted CPR, but it was too late – his soul had already departed.

In our grief, we received news of a surviving sibling, a puppy struggling to survive nearby. Fueled by our determination to help, we raced to the location, hoping to save the vulnerable pup.

We found the puppy lying on the ground, desperately drinking sewage water to quench his thirst. The sight of his suffering brought tears to our eyes, and we knew we had to act quickly to save him.

As bikers sped past without a care, the puppy attempted to stand, but his injured leg prevented him from doing so. It was clear he needed immediate medical attention, and we were determined to provide it.

With the puppy in our care, we rushed him to a nearby veterinary clinic, knowing that every moment counted. His life hung in the balance, and we prayed that we were not too late.

The veterinary team sprang into action, treating the puppy’s injuries and providing him with the care he desperately needed. As he slowly began to recover, we marveled at his resilience and will to live.

With each passing day, the puppy grew stronger and more confident, his spirit returning as he healed. We provided him with the love, care, and support he needed to overcome the trauma of his past.

As the puppy continued to flourish, we sought out a loving family to provide him with the stable, nurturing environment he deserved. In time, we found the perfect match, and the puppy embarked on a new journey filled with love and happiness.