The mysterious disappearance of the 5 most terrifying skulls in history

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 23, 2023

The recent discovery of the noisy ‘non-human’ Paracas skull has raised many questions about the origins of humanity. However, before that, many other “horror” skulls of this type were also found.

Where humans come from or what other intelligent species have they lived with are unanswered questions, and an obvious truth exists: ‘We are not alone’.

At the end of the 19th century, while excavating a cemetery in the Sayre area, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, people found a number of skeletons of anthropomorphic species, with a body height of up to 2m1, the skull alone had 2 Long animal horns grow high on the forehead.

To learn more and study further, the skeletons and skulls were brought back for preservation at the local museum. However, after that, they were all stolen or mysteriously disappeared. Someone has closed the door to understanding this species.

Paracas high-brow skull

The Paracas skulls were found by archaeologist Julio Tello in 1928 in the Paracas desert peninsula, southern Peru in a crypt buried under sand and rocks.

More than 300 Paracas skulls dating back to about 3,000 years old have been found. However, what causes a lot of controversy is that these skulls are completely different from regular human skulls. Instead of being round, Paracas’ skull was elongated back.

The origin of the Paracas skulls or the Paracas people has always been a mystery that has caused headaches for archaeologists. Genetic tests show that Paracas, do not share the same genes as humans or other primates, more accurately, Paracas are ‘non-human’.

There is an opinion that the Paracas species is a hybrid born from a ‘mother’ who is from Earth and a ‘father’ who comes from some distant planet.

“Hybrid” of aliens and humans

According to German press, this skull was discovered by an American couple in a mine in Mexico in 1930. It was not until 1999 that their relatives brought this skull to the research staff. At that time, next to this skull there was also a human skeleton. Externally, this skeleton was no different from a normal human skeleton. The skull is named Starchild Skull.

American scientist Lloyd Pye believes that this skull is evidence of the existence of “hybrid children” of aliens and humans, experiments (including X-ray scanning, isotope measurements) shows that this creature lived about 900 years ago, dying at about 5 years old.

This skull is quite large, 400 cm2 larger than the skull of a normal person, and the bone density is 50% stronger than that of a normal person. The optic nerve is round and flat. Unlike humans, there is no frontal sinus. DNA testing results can only confirm that the mother of this skull is the ‘original’ human, but cannot determine the father’s DNA.

It seems that aliens penetrated Earth very early, conducting many activities, including interbreeding with humans to create new species. Whether this mating was successful or not, no one has yet confirmed. If successful, they would have adapted and hidden their identities very well. Recently, the joke on social networks suddenly became popular: ‘What is the purpose of your coming to Earth?’, it doesn’t seem like much of a joke.

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‘Definitely’ alien skull

The man found this skull in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. Many people have paid a large amount of money to buy this skull, but its owner does not sell, because the secrets it brings can go beyond what money can buy.

The owner said that he had previously dreamed of five beings that looked like humanoid robots with yellow outfits showing him where to dig up the skull, along with other instructions. The skull found is the size of a child’s head, but thinner and lighter than human bones, only about 250 grams but has up to six cavities, meaning this skull has more senses than normal.

This skull then mysteriously disappeared, no one knows exactly what happened.

13th crystal skull

Crystal skulls are one of the clearest pieces of evidence that science is currently only scratching the surface of. These are crystal-clear skulls, not products from current reconstructions or molds. All 13 skulls are scattered around the world, passed down at least as far back as the Mayan civilization.

It is said that once these 13 skulls have the opportunity to gather together, something big will happen to humanity, or they contain some great secret, waiting for the right opportunity or someone to come to open it. Open this door.

Legend has it that, a long time ago, there were up to 12 races of aliens living on Earth, but due to certain events, they could not stay here, each race left behind its own knowledge. into a skull, and the 13th skull is the key to unlock this secret.

Those who have owned one of the skulls have said they have had strange experiences that cannot be expressed in words. The skulls can talk through thought transmission, heal diseases and contain secret powers. longevity.