The mystery of the sword buried in the rock

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
June 2, 2023

It is said that those who want to steal the sword or try to move it away will face a gruesome death.

According to English legend, King Arthur (King Arthur was the “hero of the cloth” of England in the Middle Ages, who led the people against the invasion of the Saxons in the early 6th century and then later. His story is largely known from folklore and legend, and whether or not he actually existed in history is still controversial to this day) with his bare hands pulled out the magic sword deeply embedded in the mountain rocks, something that no other man could do despite their best efforts for many years.

It was thanks to the precious sword that gave the young man extraordinary strength and many other magical abilities, the premise that helped him later become a great leader and then become the famous king of the world. England.

Legends are, of course, legends. But strangely in fact there is a “sword deep in the rock”, just like what the story thousands of years ago told. Only it’s not in England but in a remote part of Italy.

Indeed, at the monastery of Monte Siepi in the San Galgano region of Tuscany, Italy, there is a strange phenomenon that existed thousands of years ago. It was an iron sword deeply embedded in the mountain rock, leaving only a short blade and protruding hilt.

Local history does not record anyone ever drawing a sword and then becoming a king. For thousands of years it has remained in the heart of the rock.

But it is clear that this is very similar to the description and quite possibly inspired the British thriller, although the Italians have their own.

According to local folklore, the sword’s owner was a real historical figure, a man who was later canonized as San Galgano Guidotti.

the hand is said to belong to a thief who tried to steal the sword but was later killed by a pack of wolves.)

Guidotti was born in 1148. He was also a Knight like King Arthur, with fighting ability and an extraordinary strength.

But in contrast to the benevolent Arthur, he is very cruel and cruel. During his youth, with his sword and cruelty, Guidotti spread terror everywhere.

Guidotti continued to compose himself until the age of 32. At that time, the Archangel Michael was forced to meet to stop his crimes. He asked Guidotti to end his own sinful life so that he could lead the way to God. That was in 1180.

Of course he turned down the Archangel’s suggestion. Then one day when passing through the Monte Siepi area, then just a deserted hill with large rocks lying scattered, Guidotti again heard the Angel’s voice calling for a change of mind.

Arrogant and proud, Guidotti replied that changing him was like cutting a rock with a sword, then drew his sword and slashed at a large rock by the roadside. The strange thing is that the sword did not break, but plunged into the rock, sank to the hilt and stuck in it.

That miracle made Guidotti completely change his faith with God. He gave up his cruel life completely and began to pray every day. Guidotti also died just a year after his sword was dug deep into the rock.

The strange story then reached the ears of Pope Lucius III and he canonized Guidotti in 1185. In the same year, a chapel was built on the spot where the sword was dug deep into the rock, to survive. until today.

It is said that those who want to steal the sword or try to move it away will face a gruesome death. One of the thieves was eaten by a wolf, and his sinful hand is still kept (thanks to mummification) inside the chapel.

Like King Arthur, the story of Galgano Guidotti is controversial. However, modern researchers have proven that the sword and the thief’s hand are both dated to the same story. And if it doesn’t belong to Guidotti, at least it belongs to a character from the same era!