The Rock is a Hollywood “money-hunting machine.”

Actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) earned $87.5 million in the past 12 months.

The epidemic has shaken the world’s entertainment industry but has not much affected the actor’s income. According to Forbes , The Rock is the actor who earned the most money from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020. He received this title for two consecutive years, last year reaching 89.4 million USD .

The Rock is a Hollywood "money-hunting machine."

Last year, The Rock participated in the film projects Red Notice and Black Adam . His average salary is about 20 million USD per project, not including terms on box office commissions and copyright fees. Red Notice belongs to the comedy and action film genre, which is considered The Rock’s strength, and is expected to be released in November this year. Meanwhile, Black Adam revolves around the DC Comics superhero of the same name, and is a spin-off of the blockbuster Shazam ! released last year.

He earned millions of dollars from his role as host of the television game show The Titan Games . Johnson collaborated with NBC to produce the comedy series Young Rock , inspired by his youth. In the film, The Rock plays himself during the 2032 US Presidential campaign, recounting his journey from a poor Samoan boy to becoming a sports star and movie actor.

Amateurs also make a lot of money from the exercise business. Last year, he released The Work collection with Under Armor, with the slogan “The only way to succeed is hard work.” The actor affirmed that his clothes are only suitable for those who practice hard, there is no room for lazy people. Key items include shoes, clothing and headphones. According to Forbes , The Rock’s trainers are always sold out within just a few hours of launch.

The Rock is a Hollywood "money-hunting machine."

Even though he is an amateur actor, Dwayne Johnson has always been among the top earners in Hollywood for many consecutive years. He entered cinema with The Mummy Returns (2001). As a famous wrestler, The Rock was assigned muscular, rugged roles, the main task of which was to go shirtless in movie scenes. In his first film, he only had one line “Haku machente ” . After two decades, Johnson gradually built his image, building many successful film franchises such as Hobbs & Shaw , Jumanji …

Guardian analyzed that Dwayne Johnson is successful thanks to his athletic appearance and friendly face, always smiling brightly. “He can do both action and comedy. Johnson is like a combined version of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito,” the newspaper wrote.

The Rock was also praised for his professional attitude at work. Amateurs often wake up at 5 a.m. every day to practice. In public, he creates a friendly, family-loving image , in contrast to his past of violent sports competitions. On screen, without acting, the audience already knows his character’s personality. With a huge fan base, The Rock is like a warranty card for the projects he participates in.

However, experts commented that the characters he plays are often simple and one-color. The actor’s acting ability is also not highly appreciated by many people. At award ceremonies, his colleagues often use him as an example to mock actors without real talent. At the 2020 Golden Globes, MC Ricky Gervais joked: “The job of actors now is to go to the gym and inject steroids. Do we have an award for the person who injects the most steroids? Never mind! We all know who will win.” won that prize”.

The Rock thinks the secret to his success is paying attention to the audience’s emotions. “You have to put them first. Ask yourself what the audience wants and write the best script based on that. The movie will be successful if the audience goes home happy after watching it,” he told Forbes year 2018.