The truth about the ‘QR code’ left by the Mayans 2000 years ago, tourists scan the code and receive unexpected results

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
December 8, 2023

The truth about the 'QR code' left by the Mayans 2000 years ago, tourists scan the code and receive unexpected results

The mystery of the Mayan civilization always causes a lot of curiosity and even surprising rumors. The story about ancient “QR codes” below is an example!

Earth has existed throughout the universe for an estimated 4.55 billion years. During the development of the earth, many creatures were born and developed, and many civilizations were also nurtured.

Each period on earth gave birth to different creatures and civilizations. In ancient times, the earth was not suitable for the survival of any living organism, at that time in the whole world there were only a few single-celled organisms. However, as the earth’s environment improved, many animal species evolved, time passed, the earth became suitable for human survival and countless human civilizations were born since then. from that.

If it is said that many civilizations around the world were short-lived, but some still exist and are even studied by modern people, the Mayan civilization is one of them. There is a “QR code” of the Mayan civilization in the museum, someone actually scanned it with a mobile phone but the results were extremely surprising.

Mysterious Mayan civilization

In fact, the Mayan civilization has always been shrouded in a strong mystery, worth mentioning the doomsday rumors that spread in 2012. Up to now, nine years have passed since 2012 but the world is still has not been destroyed. Even the theme of the end of the world in 2012 became a blockbuster. Why is 2012 considered the end of the world? In fact, all of this comes from a fable from the Mayan civilization.

Without the existence of the Mayan civilization, the process of human reproduction on the American continent could have been delayed for many years. According to records, the Mayan civilization may have originated around 1500 BC. Since then, the American continent has been in the hands of the Mayan civilization. The Maya have ruled the American continent for nearly 3,000 years. The time when this civilization disappeared has become a mystery.

Why is the Mayan civilization so mysterious? Because in the Mayan civilization there was a lot of technology that makes modern people find it unbelievable.

There was no modern technology around 1,500 BC, but some records that the Mayan civilization left for later generations show that they had very modern technology at that time, not even less modern.

Mayan prophecy

There is one more thing about the Mayan civilization that attracts everyone’s attention, which is the Mayan prophecies passed down for centuries. Historically, almost all Mayan prophecies came true. Humans have also translated the Mayan prophecy, in 2012 the earth will be destroyed. Due to the accuracy of the Mayan predictions, many people are very afraid whether the earth will really be destroyed at this time, but the truth is that we are living safely on earth.

Most people pay attention to the Mayan civilization because of its predictions. When the predictions failed, many of them stopped paying attention to the Mayan civilization. But then, an event happened that made people continue to be amazed about the Mayan civilization. This incident is actually Related to modern QR codes.

Development history of QR codes

Nowadays, our technology is so advanced, as long as you go out with your mobile phone with a QR code, you don’t need to worry.

QR codes should actually be called quick response codes, invented by a Japanese person in 1994. The original purpose of QR codes at that time was just to store some information, its function is similar to barcodes.

With the development of smartphones, QR codes are increasingly widely used. Even just a few years ago, it would have been hard for anyone to believe the essential role that QR codes play in life!

So why is an ancient civilization like the Maya associated with QR codes?

The truth about the ‘QR code’ of the Mayan civilization

The origin of the Mayan civilization and the QR code actually originates from a stone statue. Although the technology of the ancient Mayan civilization was very advanced, the materials of houses and altars were still natural stone. . Their stone carving and crafting techniques are excellent, and it is because of this that many ancient sites of the Mayan civilization can be preserved to this day and excavated by humans.

Excavated fossils of the Maya civilization are now collected in many museums, among them, the fossil at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico contains a very precious Maya statue, the biggest feature Its face is the statue’s face, this face does not look like an ancient person but is a very modern QR code.

Visitors to the museum will be very curious about the validity of this QR code, because thousands of years ago there was no QR code, some tourists even took out their mobile phones and wanted to scan the QR code, please See what QR codes can do. However, tourists cannot scan anything with their mobile phones.

Later, museum officials also clarified that this QR code statue was not actually carved by the Mayan civilization but was a copy made by a local Mexican company.

If the Mayan civilization really created QR codes, then everyone in the world would definitely know about it, and this item would definitely be thoroughly researched.

Source: Sohu