There are many rumors of underground bases around the world

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 2, 2023

There are many rumors of underground bases around the world. Some come from ancient mythologies and others from much more current stories . What is true and what is a lie about these stories?

Underground bases

Satellite view of Base Dulce, New Mexico

Satellite view of Base Dulce, New Mexico. Courtesy:

At the northern tip of New Mexico is the small town of Dulce , on the Archuleta Plateau. With only 3,000 inhabitants , it is the capital of the Jicarilla Apache Nation . However, it is best known for hosting one of the alleged underground bases with extraterrestrial presence.

The physicist and inventor Paul Bennewitz was the first to publicize the hypothesis of the underground base managed by aliens . He denounced that abductions were carried out at the base and advanced technology was developed , including genetic manipulation .

As revealed, his intentions were to gain full control of Earth through the New World Order . Since then, other theories have emerged; from an alliance between secret societies, such as the Illuminati and extraterrestrials .

However, the Dulce base is not the only underground base; It is believed that they are spread throughout the planet, having great activity in Australia, Antarctica, the United States and South America . There is even the idea that the bases are connected through tunnels, which would also lead to an active base under the Vatican .

It should be noted that the theory of the existence of underground bases is not something new . If we go back to ancient mythology, we also find legends that support this idea.

Intraterrestrial structures in mythology

Vision of the caverns of Hell

Vision of the caverns of Hell. (Wikimedia Commons / Peeter Huys)

The subterranean kingdoms occupied by the gods are found within all mythology; Tartarus , Xibalba , Duat, Patala, Inferno , among others.

These places are not always under the Earth, their location is described within mountains or bodies of water. Access to these realms, regardless of location, is always cave -like .

The entrance may appear open at one point and then instantly disappear from view. The inhabitants of these subterranean kingdoms do not wish to be visited and only the selected ones are allowed to enter.

Ancient texts suggest that entry to this underworld is complicated. The Mayan Popol Vuh describes a route followed by the Hun heroes Hunahpú and Vucub Hanapu . This is presented as a steep descent to the home of the Lords of Xibalba and the many challenges they had to overcome.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead also mentions the path taken by the deceased king to access the Duat, which is also full of obstacles. The Vishnu Purana states that the deepest levels of the Patala are 70,000 yojanas underground . In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the hero must travel 20 leagues in darkness until he reaches the chamber of light in the underworld.

Other descriptions appear in ancient legends; The home of the Sumerian fertility god, Enki , was in the deep waters and is described as a structure of gold, silver and lapis lazuli. Even historical figures, such as the philosopher Plato , claimed that the Earth was full of underground caves full of water, vegetation, air and life… and even more surprising, that they connect to each other through a network of tunnels.

The conquistador Francisco Pizarro arrived in Peru and kidnapped the Inca emperor Atahualpa, demanding enough gold to fill a room in exchange for his release. During this event, Pizarro’s men heard stories that Inca gold was found in a vast network of underground tunnels thousands of years old and extending for miles beneath the surface.

There are stories of adventurers who entered the tunnels and were never seen again. It is believed that only one man managed to return with 2 gold bars, but according to the authorities, he lost his mind . Therefore, it was decided to block the entrances to these passages.

Likewise, the Apache tribe claims that their ancestors took refuge in ancient tunnels during a catastrophe. They wandered through immense tunnels for years, carrying the seed of life in the new world.

Aliens under the Earth

Stories reveal the existence of underground extraterrestrial bases on Earth

Stories reveal the existence of underground extraterrestrial bases on Earth. Credit: Obseek / Wallhere.

Many stories denounce the extraterrestrial presence and the use of genetic engineering in underground bases. In Dulce Base, for example, there is the infamous Level 7.

Once again, if we go to mythology, we find legends similar to the allegations made, but thousands of years ago. The Apaches, Jicarilla, Navajos and Hopis say that man was created in the depths of the Earth.

Algonquian Indian tradition relates that the lower subterranean world became a hive of living beings, unfinished reptile-like creatures that crawled in the darkness.

The Babylonian priest Berossus of Chaldean spoke of horrible creatures that lived in underground kingdoms; men with 2 heads, some with goat legs and horns, even half horse and half man.

The experiments at Base Dulce, according to some researchers, are carried out by reptilians. Thomas Castello, a former security guard who worked at the base, revealed that there are 7 underground levels in the facilities. The lowest ones are natural caves that have been used by extraterrestrials since the remote past .

This is related, for example, to Hindu mythology. The nagas were serpent beings that lived on Earth, but the god Brahma sent them to the depths of the seas; to the seventh level of the underground realm from him.

The number 7 is present in Sumerian mythology, when the goddess of war, Inanna , must pass through 7 doors to reach the deepest part of the underworld.

Aztec legend tells how Quetzalcoatl , the feathered serpent, traveled to Mictlán and created man, using his own blood and the bones of an inferior race. Something very similar to the theory of extraterrestrial creation.

The New World Order

The ultimate goal is to install the New World Order

The ultimate goal is to install the New World Order.

The theory of the New World Order speaks of the establishment of a global dictatorship by reptilians or hybrids emerging from genetic manipulation. This plan would be orchestrated by a group of great power and influence in the world. Some claim that members of this elite are genetically interrelated.

Their goal is to keep humanity obedient to their agenda. Reptilians are also accused of wanting to reduce the population to control them more easily.


In mythology, there is also a relationship with this theory; In the Sumerian epic Atrahasis , we find a story in which Enlil and the rest of the gods reduce the population up to 3 times because it had grown too much. But Enki takes it upon himself to help them.

Fed up with the situation, Enlil causes the Great Universal Flood to exterminate all of humanity and Enki, knowing of his plan, warns Atrahsis to build a boat to save himself and his family.

Many hypotheses seek the truth about our history and place in the Universe. Mythology supports many of the recent theories and the personal experiences of popularizers. So, extraterrestrial underground bases could be a true fact that goes beyond legends.