These Mysterious Artifacts Prove That Mexico Has Been Visited By An Ancient Alien Race

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
August 20, 2023

I recently wrote about the materials required to make Tutankhamun’s knife (extraterrestrial material). Is it feasible that our ancestors made direct contact with extraterrestrials?

Artefacts buried by the people who once dominated the world, such as gods with elongated skulls and cone-shaped heads from prehistoric eras, are most likely solid proof of a pre-Mayan civilisation, according to recent archaeological finds.

Almost the last 60 years, several families in the Mexican hamlet of Ojuelos have amassed over 400 antiquities; these archaeological riches are extraordinary. These individuals aspire to one day open their own museum to showcase the riches they have unearthed throughout time.

Ancient humans produced knives, plates, figurines, rings, and pendants out of jade, stone, or metal under the supervision of these “alien gods.”

In Latin American nations, archaeologists discovered elongated skull-shaped skulls. The great bulk of these discoveries were made in Paracas, Peru.

After its most recent finding in Australia, it was given the name “Australian Elongatus.” What are your opinions on the amazing antiques unearthed in Mexico?