Top 5 Fortunes Found in Abandoned Places

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
June 4, 2023

Part 1: In this video, Ginho da Selva explores abandoned locations in search of hidden treasures. From old factories to forgotten homes, he uncovers five incredible fortunes that have been left behind. Whether it’s antique furniture, rare collectibles, or valuable artwork, these discoveries are sure to amaze you.

partPart 2: Ginho’s first discovery takes him to an abandoned factory filled with old machinery. Among the rusted metal and broken equipment, he uncovers a set of antique blueprints for a device that appears to be used for processing precious metals. The intricate diagrams and detailed instructions point towards a significant historical artifact with untold value.

Part 3: Next up, Ginho explores a forgotten mansion, home to a wealthy family that mysteriously disappeared many years ago. As he makes his way through the dusty rooms, he finds a hidden safe that contains a collection of rare coins, gold bars, and precious jewels. The treasure trove is estimated to be worth millions of dollars but has been sitting locked away for decades.

Part 4: In another location, Ginho comes across a stash of old comic books, including the very first issue of Superman. The comic is considered one of the most valuable in existence, selling for over a million dollars at auction. But this is just one of many rare finds in the dusty old boxes, and Ginho realizes he struck gold in this forgotten corner of the world.


Part 2: Ginho’s adventure takes him to an abandoned warehouse that used to store valuable art pieces. As he sifts through the debris and rubble, he finds a dusty painting hidden behind a stack of old crates. Upon further investigation, he realizes that the painting is an original masterpiece by a famous artist from the eighteenth century, worth millions of dollars. The artwork astounds Ginho and becomes one of his most significant finds.


Part 3: Ginho then heads to an old movie theater that had been closed for many years. Inside, he discovers an entire collection of vintage movie posters from the early 1900s. Some of the posters were for iconic movies that had been lost to time, and Ginho realized that he held a rare piece of Hollywood history in his hands. He carefully packs up the posters, knowing they will fetch a considerable price among collectors.part

Part 4: Finally, Ginho travels to an abandoned mansion in the countryside, hidden away from view. The mansion was once home to a prominent family, but now nature has taken over the property. Ginho finds a dusty old library with shelves of books left untouched for years. As he scans the titles, he realizes that most of the books are rare first editions, including ancient manuscripts and historical tomes. It’s a triumph for Ginho, and he leaves the mansion with an incredible haul.

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Part 3: Exploring an abandoned warehouse, Ginho stumbles upon a peculiar-looking bottle. Upon closer examination, he realizes it’s an exquisite antique perfume bottle, crafted from crystal and adorned with precious gems. Ginho soon discovers that the bottle was made in the 18th century by a renowned artisan and was part of the luxury fragrance collection of a wealthy aristocrat. This rare find is valued at an unimaginable cost.

Part 4: Ginho’s final discovery takes him to an abandoned park where he discovers an old carnival ride: a ferries wheel. As he examines the decrepit wheel, he notices that something is hidden within one of the carts. After some effort, he manages to open the cart and finds a small treasure chest filled with gold coins, gems, and precious stones. It’s a remarkable find and one of the greatest treasures Ginho has ever come across.

Conclusion: Ginho’s explorations of abandoned places have led to some fascinating discoveries and valuable fortunes. From antique blueprints and rare coins to vintage movie posters and historic manuscripts, Ginho’s journey has taken him to hidden places where he has uncovered unexpected treasures. His adventures demonstrate that there is value hidden in the abandoned places, waiting to be discovered by those with an adventurous spirit.

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Part 4: Ginho reflects on his adventures through the abandoned places and the treasures he found. He emphasizes that exploring these places must be done with caution and respect for the history and people who once lived there. He stresses that preservation is vital to maintaining the integrity of each location and its unique history.

Ginho encourages people to explore abandoned places but reminds them to prioritize safety, bring appropriate gear, and respect private property. He also stresses the importance of leaving the places as they found them, without causing any damage or taking anything that doesn’t belong to them.

In his closing remarks, Ginho expresses his gratitude for the discoveries he has made and the memories he has created through his explorations. He hopes that sharing his journey will inspire others to explore the world around them and discover the hidden treasures that await.

Conclusion: Exploring abandoned places can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it must be done with caution and respect. Ginho’s adventures show that discovering valuable treasures and artifacts can add a sense of wonder and excitement to the exploration. Nevertheless, he reminds us that it’s equally important to honor the history of these places and to leave them as we found them.

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