Travels Through Greco-Roman Antiquity :: Sites of Delphi

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
November 14, 2023


The theater at Delphi is a Greek amphitheater located up the hill from the Temple of Apollo. It was built by local craftsmen using minerals such as limestone that were acquired from local mines. This theater was a venue in which the Greeks hosed their celebrations for gods, especially the god’s site upon which this theater was built, Apollo. For more information about Greek theaters, please visit the corresponding section on this website.

The Stadium at Delphi is located up the hill from the Sanctuary at Delphi, right behind the Theater at Delphi. This stadium is significant because of its use in the history of the Olympic Games. It was used to host the Pythian and PanHellenic games which were the preliminary competitions for the Olympic Games held at Olympia. This stadium was remodeled several times since i was first built, with its final renovation taking place in the 2nd century when Herodus Atticus financed its final remodel.

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