Uncovering an ‘Alien’ Locket in an Egyptian Tomb Unveils Mysteries.

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A few years ago a conspiracy full of mystery appeared on the web:

The discovery of a locket, but not just any, but one that was classified as “alien” and that would have been unearthed in an Egyptian tomb.
In January 2011, after the riots in Egypt, many treasures were stolen from  the Cairo museum , among them, presumably, this precious medallion, later offered for sale on the black market.

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The appearance, in 2003, of a much sought-after medallion, which has all the characteristics of having been the main belonging and symbol of power of that pharaoh who owned it, with unmistakable signs in its engravings, calls for reflection, if the piece and not a product of a conspiracy, about how man’s origins on Earth were, his evolution and the contact he must have had with extraterrestrial beings, who knows where they came from and who may even have had a notorious influence on the development of our species (and the others that accompanied them in those early times).

The beginning of the conspiracy

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The discovery of this piece in Egypt, the study of which took many years, marked a characteristic that distinguishes it, for having a very striking sign of what could be considered a more than close encounter between civilizations, and which would have been carried out manually.

The  Anunnaki,  would corroborate what we were contacted in the past, a reality closer and closer to confirmation.

Everything from that discovery by paleontologist Steve Winwood, who 10 years later was accused – and arrested – in Egypt for having violated the prohibited areas where he was investigating, and it all plunged into an even more enigmatic fact.