Unearthed Mystery: A 20,000-Year-Old Transformer-Like Artifact Found! Could it rewrite human history?

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
January 6, 2024

In the Shar-Planina mountain range in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, scientist Ismet Smiley found a mysterious object that does not belong to current human civilization. This object looks a lot like a modern transformer but dates back tens of thousands of years.

This artifact is an irregularly shaped stone with a coil of wire attached to the middle. After discovering this bizarre object, scientist Ismet and his research team sent it to the laboratory.

After the assessment, the results confused everyone. This strange object has been determined to be at least 20,000 years old.

The function of the mysterious object has not yet been discovered. However, some opinions say that this strange object is very similar to the structure of modern transformers that are widely used in life.

This could be evidence that on Earth there was once a strongly developed prehistoric civilization, reaching the level of creating advanced technology.

There is a magnet core attached to the middle of the stone, surrounded by a metal coil. This coil is not simply inserted into the slot, but as a part fused with the rock as if the rock had melted to form the shape needed to make a transformer.

There are 4 holes on the back of the rock, similar to the three-phase circuit of the outlet and plug wire. The object’s bare metal wires appear to be made of a copper-like alloy, which has several other elements in it. The object even has parts that look like insulators.

This mysterious object dating back to ancient times could be a clue to shed light on the origins of human civilization. I’m just afraid that scientists don’t want to announce the truth about this discovery because it doesn’t seem to fit with mainstream history.

Ismet said that he plans to show this artifact to scientists and that there is a high possibility that we will never see this artifact again, nor will we know the results of related research.

Appearing 20,000 years ago, this object really intrigues and confuses many experts. Currently, there have not been any official reports from scientific and research units around the world published.

Some people also believe that this object was left behind by aliens when they visited Earth in the past.

Shar-Planina Mountain is one of the largest mountain ranges on the Balkan Peninsula with a length of more than 200 km. This mountain has a certain significance in connecting the three countries of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, because it is simultaneously located on the territory of all three countries.


The name of the mountain translated from Albanian means “colorful mountain”. The highest point of the Shar-Planina mountain range is the Titov Vrkh and Turchin peaks, with an altitude of more than 2700m. At the base of the mountain there are crystalline rocks, limestone and dolomite, as well as natural landscapes and karst caves.