Unearthed Wonder: Archaeologists in Disbelief as Fabled Ancient Dragon Skull Discovered on Beach

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
August 18, 2023

In a UK marketing stunt of epic proportions, a bus-sized dragon skull washed up on Dorset’s “Jurassic Coast” — known for its dinosaur fossils — to honor the arrival of “Game of Thrones” season 3 on streaming service Blinkbox.Sau một lúc kinh ngạc, người ta mới phát hiện ra nó chỉ là một đạo cụ rất ấn tượng mà các nhà làm phim Game of Thrones đã tạo nên.

The 40 foot long, 9 foot tall skull took two months to complete and is the coolest GOT campaign since February when HBO took out a two-page ad in the New York Times in which the shadow of a dragon eclipsed the paper’s copy.

Đó là một hộp sọ khổng lồ với kích thước tương đương chiếc xe buýt, dường như là của một con rồng hay khủng long gì đó.

This was in conjunction with a GOT exhibition in New York in which people actually got to sit on the show’s iconic iron throne.Một buổi sáng đẹp trời, người dân địa phương và du khách bất ngờ phát hiện một vật kỳ quái khổng lồ trên bãi biển Charmouth hạt Dorset nước Anh.

Taylor Herring PR is responsible for the Blinkbox campaign, which aimed to make it appear as if the skull had washed ashore. Last month it created a 12 foot statue of Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice” emerging from the Serpentine in London to celebrate the launch of a UKTV’s new “Drama” channel.

Beachgoers were surprised to find a bus-sized giant skull wash up on Dorset’s “Jurassic Coast.”

It was 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9 feet tall.

Αn ichthyosaur, a dolphin like creature which lived 220-65 million years ago, was found in the area in 2004. This is the first dragon.

Ichthyosaur, a dolphin like creature which lived 220-65 million years ago.


Of the 12 zodiac animals, 11 are common animals, very familiar to humans, and are easily seen by anyone. But the dragon is a mysterious creature, today thought to not exist in the real world. In the concept of modern people, dragons, unicorns, phoenixes of the East, and mermaids and unicorns of the West are unreal species, just imaginary creatures.

However, a surprising thing is that from ancient times to now, throughout the Eastern countries and some neighboring countries, the image of the dragon is almost uniform, unchanged. Regardless of whether it is in temples, palaces, books, paintings or sculptures, the dragon image is depicted the same. Moreover, in the sculpture, the dragon image is very detailed, meticulous and clear. The dragon’s horn is like the deer’s horn. The dragon’s scales are like the scales of a carp. Its claws are like the claws of a falcon, and its body is like that of a snake.

A creature that seems to be fictitious but appears so real, making people both curious and skeptical. In ancient times there were many stories and records about this animal. Even the official histories also mentioned that “dragon appeared in the human world”.

In the “Hoa Duong Quoc Chi” historical record from the Han Dynasty to the Jin Dynasty, it is written that, in the 24th year of Jian’an of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a golden dragon appeared in Chishui, Wuyang. It stayed there for 9 days and then left. Later, a shrine and a stele were erected in the temple to record the appearance of this dragon.

In the book “Tan Thu”, the section “Re-signing the ninth” reads: In April, the first year of Vinh Hoa, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, two dragons, one white and one black, appeared on Long Son mountain. The emperor of Yan, Murong Huang, upon hearing this news, led his court officials to this mountain and held a sacrifice about 200 meters away from the two dragons. These two dragons curled up in the air. They played with each other and hovered in the air for a very long time before flying away.

Emperor Murong Hoang, after watching the scene, thought that this was a good omen from Heaven, so he was very happy in his heart, so he immediately issued a general amnesty. At the same time, he also named the newly built palace Long Cung. Later, he also built Long Tuong pagoda (flying dragon) on Long Son mountain to remember this incident.

In the Tang Dynasty’s “Declaration of Disappointed”, there was a record of a dragon appearing and many people witnessed it.

The “Additional Records of the Tang Dynasty” recorded that one day in the last year of the Han Dynasty era of the Tang Dynasty, a black dragon fell to the ground in the territory of Tongcheng district, and died in It was because of a wound on his neck. The full length of the dragon measured was about 30 meters, half of which was the tail. Its tail is flat, its scales are like fish scales, and it has two horns on its head. Its whiskers grow next to its mouth about 6m long. Its legs grow out from under its belly, covered by a red membrane.

A dead dragon was found on the shore of Taibai Lake in the 32nd year of Shaoxing, Southern Song Dynasty. It has long antennae and very large scales, a black back and a white belly. Fins grow from the back, and two horns grow from the head. It stinks for miles. The locals covered it with a mat. The mandarin sent people to make sacrifices there. However, after a night of intense thunder, the dragon disappeared, leaving only a ditch where it had been lying.

The “Five Elements” section of the “Chronicles of the Yuan Dynasty” states that: In the seventh month of the 27th year of Zhiyuan, a dragon appeared near Longshan Mountain in Linsong County, Shandong Province. The dragon has the ability to make a large stone weighing half a ton float in the air.