What did Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones say about getting Dak Prescott a new contract?

May 8, 2024

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones continues to reiterate that the franchise wants to sign quarterback Dak Prescott to a long-time contract extension.

That is the team’s top priority.

More importantly, Jones said on Mad Dog Radio on Tuesday that the Cowboys have a plan to get Prescott’s deal done as well as new contracts for wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and edge rusher Micah Parsons.

He would like to get it Prescott done before the start of the season, but they don’t want to put timeline on things.

“These things happen over time and when they do happen, they happen fast, Jones said. “They take time when you think about the resources for a quarterback. They just take time.”

Jones said there is no doubt in his mind that Prescott can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl and break the now 28-year drought since their last Super Bowl title in 1996.

“Absolutely. I mean, I totally think Dak can lead us to a championship,” Jones said. “He does everything the right way. He’s certainly the leader of this football team. He keeps everybody motivated in the offseason. He’s got everybody working out and doing all the things that it takes to put in the work to give yourself every opportunity to win a championship.”

The Cowboys have won 12 games in each of the last three seasons, but have just one playoff win to show for it. Prescott has just two in his eight years as Cowboys quarterback.

Jones said the ball just hasn’t bounced right for the Cowboys in playoffs. But the good news is they are hanging around the rim.

“It just so happens that sometimes that old oblong football doesn’t bounce your way,” Jones said. “And we’ve had some tough breaks and tough games there in the postseason. But, you know, we’ve won 12 games three years in a row. I think that’s right at the top in terms of what teams have done over a three-year period. And, you know, we’re hanging around the rim. We’ve just gotta go up there and grab it, to use a basketball term, and dunk it in. We’re hanging around the rim. We just gotta get the job done.”

Jones said getting the job done in the playoffs is the focus for the Cowboys in 2024 in what is the final year under contract for coach Mike McCarthy and the majority of his coaching staff.

But they have start in regular season as they have done the past three seasons.

“You got to get the job done in the regular season, lay the foundation to give yourself an opportunity to have success in the playoffs,” Jones said. “We’ve done that three years running. We got to take that step and then, of course, you got to take the next step and win some important playoff games to get an opportunity to compete for a championship. That’s what we need to do. Only one team wins the championship. That’s certainly a high bar. That’s one of the bars that we have is to not only have success in the playoffs but go to the Super Bowl and win.”