Where did you rank the Miami Dolphins wide receivers?

Tony Nguyen | Miami Dolphins
June 23, 2024

Last week, I discussed CBS Sports having the Miami Dolphins wide receivers unit rank sixth and how that might be too low. I also put up a poll asking the following question-

Where would you rank the Miami Dolphins’ receivers in the NFL?

The results were-

  • First, received 32 votes or 71 percent.
  • Second, received 9 votes or 20 percent.
  • Third, received 2 votes or 4 percent.
  • Fourth, received 2 votes or 4 percent.
  • Fifth, received 0 votes.
  • I’m drunk with hate for the Miami Dolphins, so I rank them sixth or lower also received 0 votes.

I also asked the following question:

Where would you rank the Dolphins’ wide receiver unit overall in the NFL?

Below are some of your thoughts and answers-

Spok507 says on paper; they are number 1!

Since everything is basically ‘on paper’ right now, it’s hard to not put them first. What other team has 3 top WRs like Hill-Waddle-OBJ? Add in the rookie Washington and I’d put our WRs at the top. Nobody knows what the season would bring, but right now, on paper, they have to be #1.

21Dave says they are in second until they can show out as a unit in a big game.

I put second , they have the talent to be number 1, but in big games they don’t seem to show up fully and they struggle to get off press coverage, hence so many motion plays. Two things they can fix with a little determination and effort!!

ChumpPunk says Hill and Waddle may be overrated.

In big games, the Hill//Waddle duo disappeared. Was it all Tua’s fault, or mainly receivers? Perhaps both are overrated.

dolphinfan1323 says 5th and potentially first if all the new additions at WR work out.

I feel Miamis receiving core has been highly over rated we had to receiving threats hill and waddle the last two years then who? This year it really depends on obj and the two rookies but I definitely feel better about it now especially when adding in the TEs but from just the wrs I would say 5th and potentially 1st

72Phins4ever is correct!

Best rec core since Duper, Clayton and Moore

The comments were an array of opinions but the poll clearly has the majority believing that the Dolphins wideouts are the very best in the NFL. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to answer our Phinsider question of the day.

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