Where is the Valley of the Duendes, the magical hidden place in Cusco?

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
December 25, 2023

Visit one of the tourist places that Cusco has, which is home to curious characters that attract attention in the so-called Valley of the Goblins.

If you are visiting Cusco, or are planning to go to the land of the Incas, you should include in your itinerary a visit to the Valley of the Duendes, one of the most attractive tourist places for tourists looking for new adventures and to learn more about culture through local artistic expressions.

This beautiful valley is located in the district of San Sebastián where you can observe the magnificent art of stone sculpture, its rocky paths adorned with pixies, one of the attractions that attracts the most attention of this place.

In this setting, visitors will be able to experience the sound of the stones, called Huanac bells. When you rub them together they produce these vibrations.


Tour to the Valley of the Goblins

– The Valley of the Goblins was inaugurated in 2021 and is now a new tourist attraction for adults and children .

– It is also known as Campana Huancac because one of its rocks, when hit with a stone, emits a sound similar to that of a bell.

– The valley has a mythical atmosphere with the presence of various goblin sculptures that will accompany you throughout the entire route, between paths, caves and rocky labyrinths.

– It has varied and imposing stone sculptures with Andean and environmental themes.

– You can taste typical Cuzco drinks and dishes.

– In addition, you can go up to the viewpoint and be enchanted by the view of the imperial city of Cusco.

Credits: Fanpage Valley of the GoblinsCredits: Fanpage Valley of the Goblins

How to get to the Valley of the Goblins?

The Valley of the Duendes is located in Alto Qosqo, in the San Sebastián district, 8.1 km or 30 minutes by car from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

To go by public transport you have to:

– Walk to Belén Street to board the Arcoiris transportation company bus to San Sebastián .

– Get off at the last Vista Alto Qosqo whereabouts or San Valentín whereabouts .

– From there you will walk along the detour for approximately 10 minutes to the Valley of the Goblins.

You can go by public transportation, tourist service or private vehicle , since there you will find a parking area .


Ticket price to the Valley of the Goblins

This striking space is open to the Peruvian and foreign public for only S/ 5 . Visitors are recommended to bring some plants or roots to be planted in a space designated for the conservation of the tourist area as a form of gratitude. The hours of attention to visitors are from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Recommendations for visiting the Valley of the Goblins

– It is recommended to wear warm clothing depending on the season, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and accessories to protect yourself from the sun and rain.

Where to find Goblins in Cusco?

If you want to have a magical and unique experience, you must meet the elves of Cusco. You can find them at:

– The Valley of the Duendes: 8.1 km or just 30 minutes from the city center of Cusco. Located in the district of San Sebastián, known as Alto Qosqo.

– The House of the Goblins: located in the Saqsayki Extreme Theme Park . Within this park there is an area called The Enchanted Forest of the Duendes , where you will find sculptures of elves.

– The Duendes Park: located in the district of Coya, province of Calca, in Cusco. In this park you can see the different sculptures of elves, some working and others sticking out of the trees.

The valley of the goblins in Cusco. Credits: Machu Picchu Ticket.The valley of the goblins in Cusco. Credits: Machu Picchu Ticket.

How to get to the Forest of the Goblins in Cusco?

The Enchanted Forest of the Goblins, also known as The House of the Goblins, is located within the Saqsayki Extreme Theme Park . You will find more than 15 sculptures of different types of goblins and you will learn how each one can help you.

It is located 6.9 km or 28 minutes from the city center of Cusco , by car. From Chinkana Grande, you will arrive in 10 minutes by car, in 30 minutes walking or in the park’s mobility for S/ 2.


Where is the Duendes park?

The Duendes Park is located in the peaceful district of Coya, province of Calca, in Cusco . It is 40.7 km or 1 hour by car from the center of the imperial city.

In this park you can see different sculptures of elves working, resting or hiding in the trees.

Where is Groot located in Cusco?

You can see some fantastic sculptures of Groot and baby Groot , the Marvel characters remembered by the films Guardians of the Galaxy I and II , in the Huasao Wetland . This ecotourism destination is located in the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchi, 45 minutes from the city of Cusco.

In addition, you can visit the enormous Ents , the characters from the Lord of the Rings saga, and enjoy the varied wildlife. Visit them from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm for only S/ 2.



Cusco can be an expensive destination for demanding travelers or families; However, the Imperial City offers low-priced , comfortable accommodations, restaurants and tourist sites with all the safety protocols for the pandemic. This ancient city offers attractions for all tastes.

For example, with the tourist ticket, which costs 130 soles and is valid for 10 days, you can visit most of the archaeological sites in Cusco such as: Sacsayhuamán, Qenqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay ; and if you are a student you will pay only 70 soles .

In the Imperial City you can get good accommodation from 20 Dollars and enjoy its delicious cuisine in its traditional markets of San Pedro or San Blas.